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Mikrotik MTCRE certified training

MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer.


Training is focused on advanced MikroTik Routing and VPN capabilities. Major part of training will be practical exercises including real life connection setups to European datacenter 

Successful MTCRE certification will act as prerequisite for further MTCINE certification program.

We aim to achieve the result when each and every participant of a training course brings back home the knowledge, skills and attitude that can be later efficiently transferred into value for the company or community that a participant works for.

Module 1:Static Routing

  • More specific Routes
  • ECMP
  • How to firce gateway over specific interface
  • Gateway reachabilty chech and route distance
  • Recursive next-hop and scope/target-scope usage.

Module 2:Point to Point address configuration

Module 3:VPN

  • What isVPN
  • Diffrent types of VPN
  • Site to site connectivity with tuneels
  • VLAN and it's usage
  • QinQ implementation
  • VLAN and managed switch
  • VLAN and switch chio configuration on RouterBOARDs

Module 4:OSPF

  • What is OSPF?
  • How OSPF protocol works
    • Hello protocol
    • Data base distribution and LSA types explained
  • OSPD networks structure
    • Areas
    • Router types
  • OSPF neighbors and neighbor states(DR and BDR election)
  • External Route Distribution methids
  • Interface cost and infface types (broadcasat ,NBMA,etc)