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Docker & Kubernetes


This course will give you a strong operating knowledge of Kubernetes, including how to deploy a containerized application and manipulating resources via the API and Complete Understanding of Docker Containers & Docker Swarm Orchestration & Kubernetes

We'll discuss some of Kubernetes' basic concepts and talk about the architecture of the system, the problems it solves, and the model that it uses to handle containerized deployments and scaling.

This course offers an introduction to Kubernetes and includes technical instructions on how to deploy a stand-alone and multi-tier application. Upon completion, developers will have a solid understanding of the origin, architecture and building blocks for Kubernetes, and will be able to begin testing the new cloud native pattern to begin the cloud native journey.


- Software Developers

- Technical Project Managers

- Architects

- Operations Support

- Deployment engineers

- IT managers

- Development managers

- DevOps

- IT admins


Course context: 

Module 1. Basics of Kubernetes

Module 2. Installation and Configuration

Module 3. Kubernetes Architecture

Module 4. APIs and Access

Module 5. API Objects

Module 6. Managing State with Deployments

Module 7. Volumes and Data

Module 8. Services

Module 9. Ingress

Module 10. Scheduling

Module 11. Logging and Troubleshooting

Module 12. Custom Resource Definitions

Module 13. Helm

Module 14. Security

Module 15. High Availability

Module 16. Exam Domain Review