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Data Analyst Part1

The Tableau training course helps you master the various aspects of Tableau and gain skills such as building visualization and organizinа data.


The Tableau training course helps you master the various aspects of Tableau Desktop and gain skills such as building visualization, organizing data, and designing dashboards. You will also learn concepts of statistics, mapping, and data connection. It is best suited for software developers, BI professionals, system and administrators.

Why learn Tableau?

Everything we do is increasingly contributing to huge amounts of data which can be leveraged by organizations to increase their business. Organizations across the world make use of Tableau to analyze this huge amounts of data and derive actionable insights from it. Tableau can help you to create complex and beautiful data visualizations. With its intuitive and user-friendly approach to data visualization, Tableau is today, a popular choice for big and small organizations

Lesson 1: Tableau Fundamentals

 Topic A: Overview of Tableau

 Topic B: Navigate the Tableau Interface and Configure Settings


Lesson 2: Connecting to and Preparing Data

 Topic A: Connect to Data

 Topic B: Prepare Data for Analysis

 Topic C: Save Workbook Files


Lesson 3: Exploring Data

 Topic A: Create a View

 Topic B: Customize Data in Visualizations


Lesson 4: Managing, Sorting, and Grouping Data

 Topic A: Adjust Fields

 Topic B: Sort Data

 Topic C: Group Data


Lesson 5: Saving and Sharing Data

 Topic A: Save and Publish Data Sources

 Topic B: Share Workbooks for Collaboration


Lesson 6: Filtering Data

 Topic A: Configure Worksheet Filters

 Topic B: Apply Advanced Filter Options

 Topic C: Create Interactive Filters


Lesson 7: Customizing Visualizations

 Topic A: Format and Annotate Views

 Topic B: Highlight Data

 Topic C: Create Advanced Visualizations


Lesson 8: Creating Maps, Dashboards, and Stories

 Topic A: Create Maps

 Topic B: Create Dashboards

 Topic C: Create Stories


Appendix A: Mapping Course Content to the Tableau® Desktop Qualified Associate Certification Objectives